Cycling Studio

Cycling Studio at Sports West Athletic Club in Reno

Welcome to SWAC Cycle. Our mission is to empower our riders to find their best selves by pushing their limits. We have taken
great care to hire talented staff and instructors, provide the best equipment, and create an environment that is both challenging and energizing. With a focus on physical fitness, we strive to be living proof that a community is stronger together. From the moment you walk into the the second you step out, you are part of the SWAC family.

DJ Spin

Indoor cycling meets nightclub. A loud, intense, rhythmic spin class with DJ Rhino. Unlike any other class we have.

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Cycle Body

Sweat and power through this 45-minute full-body, high-intensity, endorphin-boosting ride. We ride to the beat of the music and your instructor will coach you through various full-body drills while also demonstrating correct form and movement.

Cycle 45

Enjoy this high energy, high intensity, endorphin boosting, 45-minute class. We ride to the beat of the music. Your instructor will guide you and coach you through various drills. Remember to ride for you, at your own pace.

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