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Infrabody Yoga Classes In Reno at Sports West

At the Sports West Athletic Club, Reno, we blend advanced technology with traditional yoga practices and offer you our Infrabody Yoga Classes. In our InfraBody 4, we infuse four important elements of life and wellness using special infrared technology, along with unique classes and mindsets. See how your body changes as you move towards better flexibility, strength, balance, reduced body fat, and stress relief, all while noticing tighter skin in record time.

These techniques of yoga also naturally detoxify your body using special infrared panels, strategic movements, mindset techniques, and myofascial release. Come experience our welcoming yoga studio in reno where you can relax and recharge, leading to a positive transformation within yourself. Visit Sports West Athletic Club in Reno and participate in a fresh approach to wellness with our Infrabody Yoga classes.

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No matter how experienced you are in yoga, you can join this best yoga class in Reno. This class takes you through a mindful approach to gentle movements based on restorative yoga techniques that increase mobility and stability in the body, decrease stress, and leave you feeling relaxed and balanced with the benefit of InfraBody 4 heat technology.


This class is for people with mid-level of experience in yoga. This class ncludes a quick, seamless, powerful vinyasa flow while benefiting from InfraBody 4 heat.

Hatha Vinyasa Warm Yoga

Come experience our Hatha Vinyasa Warm Yoga class, where we blend two yoga styles for a balanced and refreshing practice. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, this class is perfect as it helps improve your balance, strength, and flexibility while connecting your body and mind.

In this class, we combine Vinyasa yoga and hatha yoga. Plus, our yoga studio in Reno is equipped with InfraBody 4 heat technology, creating a warm environment that enhances relaxation and boosts the benefits of your practice.

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Restorative Yoga

Come experience deep relaxation in our Restorative yoga class, which is perfect for beginners and experts. Restorative yoga is all about taking it easy. In this warm class, you'll benefit from specific myofascial rolling, integrated movements, and stretches that dramatically increase flexibility, mobility, and balance. Through the gentle support of props and the soothing warmth of InfraBody 4 heat technology, you will emerge feeling lengthened, balanced, and deeply relaxed.

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Surrender Yoga

Try out our gentle class of surrender yoga warm class that is perfect for all-levels. This class is designed for those looking to decrease stress and find inner peace. Guided through postures specifically made to release tension in both body and mind, you will feel a profound sense of calm and relaxation, intensified by the soothing benefits of InfraBody 4 heat technology. Practicing surrender in yoga is all about letting go of worries and adopting the flow of life. It's much like taking a deep breath and feeling instant relief.

Functional Flow

Come join our Vinyasa yoga in Reno NV class, which is perfect for everyone from beginners to pros.Led by skilled instructors, we flow through poses with our breath, making a sequence that keeps you both physically and mentally engaged. You will love the peaceful atmosphere of our Yoga studio, especially with the added comfort of our InfraBody 4 heat technology.

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Stretch and Flow

All levels-This warm class is designed to take time away from a busy day and allow you to become more present and decrease stress through specific stretching techniques unique to our studio that improve flexibility and mobility needed for life with the benefit of InfraBody 4 heat technology.

Power Core

Int-Advanced—Explicit content. This warm class in our Yoga Studio is designed to strengthen the core in only 45 minutes. It utilizes specific exercises and InfraBody 4 heat technology to leave you with a sculpted body.

Power Yoga

This class can be done by people with intermediate and advanced levels of experience. This class takes you through powerful poses of Yoga that increase both mental and physical strength and endurance to burn calories with all the benefits of InfraBody 4 heat technology.

Power Flow

This class is suitable for all levels. This room temperature class is designed to take you through a sequencing of standing balance strength and movements that improve posture, core, and so much more.

Happy Hour Flow

All levels- Intermediate- This class takes you through a vinyasa flow of yoga, core and breathwork that is accessible and challenging yet a mindful approach to the body in a warm environment with all the benefits of InfraBody 4 heat technology.

Mat Pilates

Strengthen your core and improve overall fitness with a blend of standing and mat exercises inspired by Joseph Pilates. Suitable for all fitness levels, this class promotes internal strength and stability.

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